The Power of Friendship

Happy Tuesday! I am so happy for the glimmers of springtime heading our way! My porch is anxiously calling my name every week that I see the rays of sunshine that are finally penetrating the clouds!

Last week, I shared with you all the cost of confessions for my own life and how I am continuing my true confessions despite my own struggles along this journey of a pastor’s wife life!

My True Confession this morning...The reason I have continued in this pursuit of sharing my true confessions have been not only those encouraging emails, texts and messages I have received from women all over the USA but the never-ending support from our pastors' wives  & staff here at Church Alive! I am so blessed and honored to serve alongside these dynamic women!

Proverbs 27:17 (NKJV) says, “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend."

These women sharpen me not only by their friendship but also in their faith! I am so thankful that we can sharpen each other in this secret sisterhood of the sometimes misunderstood as we pursue the purpose of God in our own personal lives! These ladies are my unsung heroes of Church Alive! So many of them serve their husbands in supporting roles behind the scenes while other of these beautiful hearts serve in a pastoral or director role at Church Alive! You see these ladies serve because of the CALL of God that has been placed over their lives to serve the KINGDOM. Not because they have a role!

I know many pastor’s wives that have no one to share their hurts and pains with and that really makes me sad, so sad in the depths of my heart! It might be for a multitude of reasons, from simply not having support staff that may serve to having been personally stung by the betrayal of friendship from another pastor’s wife.

Yes, unfortunately this does happen. I know from experience. They hide these pains  & struggles of a pastor’s wife life behind that smile and long for a friend.

If this sounds familiar, please know YOU ARE NOT ALONE and God does not want us to do this life alone!  According to God’s word, we are better together and we need each other in this secret sisterhood!

In the next few weeks you are going to hear true confessions of pain and promises from these precious ladies that serve at Church Alive! I love them so and cannot wait to share their stories of growth and purpose with each of you on my front porch!

If you are a pastor's wife and need a friend, find our facebook group Generations, A Ministry to God's Daughters. I created this group to encourage the ladies of this secret sisterhood!

Keep Sharpening and Being Sharpened!

Laura Lee

Attitude Adjustment

Happy Tuesday and so glad you joined me on my front porch this morning! Things have been quiet on the home front for my blog but believe you me; my pastor’s wife life has been anything but quiet!

September is coming to a close and it has been filled with activity ... we have celebrated our churches 13th Birthday Celebration, our women’s ministry hosted a Girls Night In for the teen girls and ladies at church, we kicked off our Women of Worth Wednesday Small groups, Glenn & I hosted our Pastoral Staff Retreat and then my parents visiting to wind down the month! Oh yeah, I did not include the normal crazy schedule of football practices and games, band practices, meetings and hosting a Missions trip fundraiser for our Costa Rica trip coming up next year! Seriously, it has been one long month!

If you are a pastor’s wife you know how things flow in the fall between life and ministry! It can be a little overwhelming at times and this week I wanted to share from my heart all about our “Moods and Toods”! Yes, you guessed it! My next big True Confession! My Attitude is not always the best when Life gets crazy and full of schedules, practices and church commitments!

When life gets stressed to the max, hardships arise, kids get sick, schedules begin conflicting, feeling like your spouse has become your roommate, YES ... it can cause a downright ”BAD Atti-tood”! Yes ... I can get a downright “Bad Tood!”

I begin showing the warning signs of a “Bad Tood”! You know exactly what I am talking about. I begin being snappy with my kids and husband, my body is tired and my feet have not even hit the ground for the day yet, frustrated at my to do list and impatient with anyone in my line of sight or maybe line of fire! Sound familiar? I thought so!

When I woke up one morning this week, I felt the Lord give me a great illustration on how to help give myself an attitude adjustment!

Every week I go to our family’s chiropractor for an adjustment! I go sometimes two to three times a week to get myself aligned, stretched and popped!:) It gives me comfort and relief from everyday stress and pain for my seasoned bones!

So, how do I get relief from my over-stressed schedule and crazy life! I must get an Attitude Adjustment! I have to take some time out to allow myself a much-needed appointment on my front porch or favorite comfy chair and allow the Father and Great Physician to realign me by the reading of His word and prayer! To stretch my faith by choosing to believe that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength according to the scripture in Phil. 4:13 but knowing in reality that all things will not happen all in one day! It causes me to stop, prioritize my schedule to reality and change how I think so I can change how I react!

We all need these Attitude Adjustment reminders monthly or maybe you are like me, a couple of times a week!

Give yourself a break from the crazy and get your “Moods & Toods” adjusted! You will feel better and your family will enjoy hanging out with you even in those crazy and chaotic seasons of life and ministry!

I look forward to meeting you again soon on my front porch for my next big true confession!

Blessings,  Laura Lee

The Cost of Confessions

Hey Friends! If confession is good for the soul, then yes, I confess, I not only have missed my time with you and the rhythm of my swing as I catch a few quite moments on my porch but most importantly I have missed, yes, MY CONFESSIONS!

Why you may ask? Because these Confessions have been amazingly good for my soul and for the souls of those I write this blog for! The unsung heroes of ministry, the silent sisterhood of the sometimes misunderstood ... Pastor’s wives, support staff wives and women in ministry!

With all that said, my next big true confession may come as somewhat of a shock!

More times than not, I really just wanted to quit and throw in the towel as I shared my true confessions to the world in blog fashion. My confessions that included stories of pain and also inspiring promises on my front porch!

You see, confession comes at a cost! Airing my dirty and often times messy laundry for the world to view and share is quite intimidating and difficult at best! Not to mention the pride factor. Partly, because I have mastered the art of the perfect smile that is learned ever so quickly in this secret sisterhood .... I call it the determined smile! (More confessions about that later)

But every time I wanted to quit, I would receive a simple text, a private message or an email from a follower, or a friend in this sisterhood who was encouraged and felt that “she was not alone” in this journey of a Pastor's wife life.

One of my favorites memories came from a slight touch on the shoulder from what I like to call “a young one” a name I affectionately call our younger staff wives at our church.

I was visiting a church near the end of the summer and this precious “young one” leaned up gently and tapped my shoulder, being newly married and now apart of this secret sisterhood, she shared with me how she was so thankful for my true confessions of a Pastor’s wife life! This new title thrust upon her, well, it was quite overwhelming and my blog had encouraged her to know she was not alone.

So whether I receive one more follower or friend on my blogging journey, my resolve to confess and hopefully impart a few nuggets of wisdom along the way will not wane in 2015! It has just taken me a few weeks to get it started!

My few weeks of resting and regrouping have only ignited my passion even greater for the present and future generations that make up this secret sisterhood, despite the cost of my pride and insecurities!:) So get ready, more true confessions are on their way!

Gonna Keep on Confessing,

 Laura Lee