The Cost of Confessions

Hey Friends! If confession is good for the soul, then yes, I confess, I not only have missed my time with you and the rhythm of my swing as I catch a few quite moments on my porch but most importantly I have missed, yes, MY CONFESSIONS!

Why you may ask? Because these Confessions have been amazingly good for my soul and for the souls of those I write this blog for! The unsung heroes of ministry, the silent sisterhood of the sometimes misunderstood ... Pastor’s wives, support staff wives and women in ministry!

With all that said, my next big true confession may come as somewhat of a shock!

More times than not, I really just wanted to quit and throw in the towel as I shared my true confessions to the world in blog fashion. My confessions that included stories of pain and also inspiring promises on my front porch!

You see, confession comes at a cost! Airing my dirty and often times messy laundry for the world to view and share is quite intimidating and difficult at best! Not to mention the pride factor. Partly, because I have mastered the art of the perfect smile that is learned ever so quickly in this secret sisterhood .... I call it the determined smile! (More confessions about that later)

But every time I wanted to quit, I would receive a simple text, a private message or an email from a follower, or a friend in this sisterhood who was encouraged and felt that “she was not alone” in this journey of a Pastor's wife life.

One of my favorites memories came from a slight touch on the shoulder from what I like to call “a young one” a name I affectionately call our younger staff wives at our church.

I was visiting a church near the end of the summer and this precious “young one” leaned up gently and tapped my shoulder, being newly married and now apart of this secret sisterhood, she shared with me how she was so thankful for my true confessions of a Pastor’s wife life! This new title thrust upon her, well, it was quite overwhelming and my blog had encouraged her to know she was not alone.

So whether I receive one more follower or friend on my blogging journey, my resolve to confess and hopefully impart a few nuggets of wisdom along the way will not wane in 2018! It has just taken me a few weeks to get it started!

My few weeks of resting and regrouping have only ignited my passion even greater for the present and future generations that make up this secret sisterhood, despite the cost of my pride and insecurities!:) So get ready, more true confessions are on their way!

Gonna Keep on Confessing,

 Laura Lee