Treasure the Moments

Well, ready or not! We officially have 9 days until Christmas! WOW! This month is speeding along at a record pace for the Lee Family!

I hope you hear my heart … loud and clear this season with the simplicity of a message meant for real life! Truly, I am learning with you … The Art of a Simple Holiday is more about mastering a Treasure List than composing a To Do List!

I have a true confession for you this morning that should make you laugh if you read last week’s blog! If you did not catch last week’s blog, Treasure the Miracle you can check it out here I passed the Mall test this week! Yes, my hubby and I traveled to one of our favorite mall’s last Monday for our annual Christmas shopping day and there was no fighting for a parking space, no meltdown mode, and no slip ups of not so nice words! Seriously though, I do hope you took a few minutes out of each day this last week to Treasure the Miracle of your Faith and the true Reason to celebrate this Christmas Season.

Today, I want to inspire you to Treasure the Moment of every special occasion you celebrate during this season! These occasions might be a night at the Nutcracker, watching your favorite Christmas movie with your kids or the annual office party you attend! Treasure the laughs, the smiles, the snuggles and the warm hugs of those who fill your presence! You will cherish and store those memories if you make the most of the moment! But more about memories next week!

Here is one thing though I have learned along the way … The more seasoned I become, the more I understand that life’s special moments are often UNPLANNED interruptions that make up the composition of our Treasure List!

More true confessions. I struggle laying down my agenda and “TO DO” List when interruptions happen! Instead of embracing the interrupted moment, I get upset that things didn’t go MY way! Sound familiar? I thought a few of you might. Just a thought to consider … God is more in the Interrupted Moments than in your "TO DO" list!

This week, I experienced an interrupted moment that reminded me to not only cling to the treasured miracle of my faith, but also treasure every moment we are allowed to be on this planet!

I was reminded of the reality of how a single phone call from a doctor can change your entire perspective ... in a Moment!

I sat in the ultrasound room with my sister-in–law as she began her descent on the table to prepare for yet another test. The third round of testing after several hours of waiting. We declared in faith together that no matter the diagnosis that the doctor shared with her that we would choose to believe the report of the Lord!

Those first few moments were full of anxiety, as we both were unsure of what the future held, but through our prayers of faith the peace of God began to occupy our space! I am thankful today for the interrupted moment last week I had with Char and the reminder that we are to take NO moments for granted and treasure each one that has been given to us!

I am still learning and I am a work in progress, but I am choosing to Treasure the Moments not only during this Holiday Season but every day as I master my Treasure list…one moment at a time!

Treasuring the Moment,