Booking Agreement

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The Following is a detailed description of this booking agreement. Please carefully read each section:

Financial Honorarium:

1.    Laura Lee will speak as many times as you want per day and will do her best to make your event successful.  Laura is on your team!

2.    Laura Lee desires to be as involved with the host organization and event as possible, with reason and in relation to her schedule demands.  She is more than willing to help, so please feel free to ask.

3.    Please make the honorarium check out to Laura Lee and give to her at the end of your event.

Travel - Flying:

1.    Laura Lee will need to fly to your event if the location is more than three driving hours from Raleigh, North Carolina.

2.    Laura Lee will check on the best rates available and call you for approval before booking the flight.  Laura Lee will then invoice you for airfare, luggage and airport parking fee charges.  Please remit within 14 business days made payable to Laura Lee .

3.    Airport parking fees will be included. The cost is $14.00 per day. There may be occasions where this cost is not applicable. Laura Lee will communicate this to you.

Travel – Driving:

1.    Laura Lee will drive to your event if it is within three driving hours of Raleigh, North Carolina.

2.    If Laura Lee drives her own vehicle to your event, it is asked that you cover her mileage round-trip at .55 cents per mile, per the federal standard mileage rates.

Lodging and Meals:


1.     Because of her leadership with several organizations and schedule, Laura Lee will need to stay in a hotel if at all possible.  Wifi access is appreciated if at all possible.  Lodging and Meals are Host/Church responsibility.

2.     Please keep in mind that Laura Lee has a policy that she is never alone with another man at anytime. This may affect travel to and from locations as well as lodging situations and meal times.   


1.    We ask that you provide Laura’s meals during the event. She is very flexible about meals, but we do ask that you please consider that she does try to eat healthy. Please keep in mind that Laura may need to eat in route and returning from your event.

Because we understand how hard it is to feed a large volume of people in a healthy way, and especially because Laura is very committed to eating healthy foods, Laura is more than happy to purchase her meals while at your event. Laura will then invoice you any meals reimbursements after the event.

2.    If you do choose to provide beverages and/or snacks for Laura, know that Laura tries hard not to drink soda or eat sweets. Bottled water and fruit are more than sufficient.

Presentation and Marketing written Consent:

1.    Any and all presentations/speeches/sermons by Laura Lee may not be filmed or recorded without the approved and written consent of Laura Lee.

Product Information and Sales:

1.    Pastor Laura Lee will need a 6ft or 8ft table for product sales and someone who can assist before and after each session.

2.    Product will be shipped the week of your event if applicable.

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