Chris Leach               Jubilee Fellowship Church Lone Tree, CO          Director of JFC Ladies Ministry

"I have known Laura Lee for over twenty years on a personal and professional level. Laura is a very dear friend to me. Her friendship is priceless, her laughter is contagious, and her loyalty is second to none. I have had Laura speak to our Ladies ministry on many occasions such as our conferences and our ladies events. She has an ability to connect to the heart of every woman in attendance. She uses her sense of humor and humility to relate to all that are listening. Laura has always had a mature relationship with Jesus. I am blessed to have her as my close friend!"

Jennifer Pasquale              Assemblies of God World Missions, Italy



Cindy Draughon     Alabama Women's Ministry Director

"Laura Lee was my speaker at our ladies meeting on the Gulf Coast and she challenged us to believe all that God in store for us. Her contagious smile, effervescent spirit, and deep love for God’s word brought joy through her message."