From Generation to Generation

Good Morning! It’s Wisdom Wednesday!

Sister- friend, there is no greater time to be a woman in our great nation than the current day and age! 

Can I get an AMEN?

I believe we each can play a huge part in influencing the Generations, not only in our politics and platforms, but primarily by keeping our focus on setting Generations free through Jesus Christ! Remember, our influence has the ability to infect or affect!

Bottom line Sisterhood:

GRITS(GIRLS RAISED IN THE SPIRIT), I want to remind you that you were not just born to live; but, you were born to LIVE To Influence!

Word to the Wise 

We must live to Influence the Generations, instead of dying to Impress them!

Be encouraged today by the power of God's Word and some Spirit-filled common sense!

Keep Pressing,
Pastor Laura