GiGi-Hood ROCKS!

 Good Morning GRITS Sisterhood!

 I pray that you find yourself fully dressed in the armor of God and ready for all that today may hold!

The Lee family has been celebrating the last two weeks. We welcomed our first granddaughter, Harlow Tatum Lee, to the world on September 3rd, and our lives (and her parent’s) have not been the same since. Watching my firstborn with his firstborn has truly been something that’s even hard to put into “words”!  So, I’ll sum it up like this: Gigi-HOOD ROCKS! Knowing that God has entrusted us with yet another generation to love and lead is an eternal gift.

 A picture is attached for your viewing pleasure! LOL. You are welcome!

Word to the wise blog/vlog will resume next week with a special fall series on sisterhood.

Talking Topics will include:

  • What Does Real Sisterhood Look and Act Like

  • The Power of Your Influence

  • Sisterhood Identity

  • Impress Others ,Depress Yourself

  • The Story of Deborah and Jael

  •  Know your Enemy

  • Organic Mentoring

  • The Circle of Sisterhood

Sisterhood, both individually and corporately, can set generations free! Some may call it the circle of life; I call it the circle of Sisterhood!

We are not created by God to do this life alone! Isolation is a tactic the enemy uses against you and me! Feel free to review the summer’s blog series on being a GRITS girl to remind you how to be wise and ready!

Word to the Wise:

We must live to influence the generations, instead of dying to impress them!

GET READY GRITS! It’s about to get real!


Pastor Laura