A special treat!

Good Morning GRITS Girls!

It’s Wisdom Wednesday!

Just a quick recap from last week girls!

If Sisterhood Influence is vital in impacting the generations, we MUST give a reflection on understanding that our influence comes out of WHOSE WE ARE ... nothing else, nothing more!

When we truly understand Who has marked us - adopted us and called us to take on HIS NAME - Sister-friend, the life-changing legacy we will leave for those who walk behind will be ETERNAL!

Bottom Line:

When I say, “We must LIVE to INFLUENCE the Generations instead of DYING to IMPRESS them”, we MUST first really grasp the difference between influencing the generations and Impressing them!

I have a special treat for you as part of today’s Word to the Wise blog. Elyse Hill wrote and presented a powerful spoken word to our ladies and teen girls at our 2017 Generations conference. Click the link below and be blessed and reminded about the power of your influence!


Word to the Wise

We must live to Influence the Generations, instead of dying to Impress them!

Be encouraged today by the power of God's word and some Spirit-filled common sense!