Who's Your Daddy?!

Good Morning Sisterhood!


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 I have ONE question for you this Wisdom Wednesday.

Who’s your Daddy?

NO. Seriously! Whose  are you? Who do you belong to?

I know my immediate answer would be, like most people’s reading the question, a reference to my earthly father’s full name; my legal name given to me at birth. 

This morning, I am not referencing your earthly father; but, your Heavenly Father, instead.

This can be a question that, for some, may cause pain and anguish because their earthly fathers might not have been present, either in body and/or in mind. For others, the relationship might be a fractured one, and even in the process of being repaired. And then there are those who may have fantastic earthly fathers.

But for today’s purpose, I want to focus on Influence from a perspective you may haven’t thought of before.

If Sisterhood Influence is vital in impacting the generations, we MUST give reflection on understanding that our influence comes out of WHOSE WE ARE ... nothing else, nothing more!

When we truly understand Who has marked us- adopted us and called us to take on HIS NAME- Sister-friend, the life- changing legacy we will leave for those who walk behind will be ETERNAL!

When I say, “We must LIVE to INFLUENCE the Generations instead of DYING to IMPRESS them”, we MUST first really grasp the difference between influencing the generations and Impressing them!

The Webster Dictionary defines the two as follows:

Influence: A power indirectly affecting a person or a course of events; to cause a change in the character, thought or action of.

Impress: Make someone feel admired or respected.

Obviously, there is a HUGE difference between the two words. Having loved and lived a little, I have come to the realization that I AFFECT the sisterhood when I Influence them. I only have temporary effect when I try to impress them!

The generations already have enough people trying to impress them; and quite frankly, we only add to the beat of that drum when we fall into that trap. Learning to impress your sisterhood, both young and old, is a learned behavior. In fact, one our mothers inadvertently taught us.  But that is a subject for another day!

Lysa Terkeurst personally influenced me when she shared this thought in her book, “THE BEST YES,” When you live to impress others, you depress yourself!”

She calls it “the Disease to Please”!

WOW! What a concept, Sisterhood!

The enemy gets SCARED, y’all, when WOMEN, Sisters, and a Sisterhood begin to walk in the Influence based on WHOSE THEY ARE—HIS NAME, not our namesake!

Bottom Line:

The generations are calling out for REAL, Influential women to bring the truth of FREEDOM. They don’t need to be impressed by anyone else, Sister-friend; let’s leave that to Hollywood!

Word to the Wise

We must live to Influence the Generations, instead of dying to Impress them!